Ed Michael is the ying to my yang the pea to my pod. He is an FA for Merrill Lynch and the rock of casa B. He is borderline saintly for putting up with this crazy mama, and let me tell you that is one tough task. God has blessed me abundantly with the gift of this man.

Hi ya'll , I'm Martina, mama extraordinaire. Ok, not really but Lord knows I try. I love to cook for those I love. Baking is a new thing, I hope to one day master. I love to work out and am so excited that I am able to hit the gym again. I love Our Lord more than anything else followed by his Mama. I love being Catholic. Life hasn't always been a walk in the park but their guiding and guarding hand has always been present. I was blessed enough to have been able to marry my best friend and love of my life (he doesn't like when I leave that part out). EM and I have one fabulous little boy (so far), our little love. Sebastian Michael.

He is the most amazing child I have ever met, but maybe I am a little biased. I cannot wait to watch him grow, since I realize I cannot keep a bonsai baby, and watch him explore our great world. 


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