Friday, November 22, 2013


ive read other blogs and articles about how much there is to get done before baby arrives and how much you need to prepare, but did i believe it.


i grew up with four brothers, all younger, so i experienced my mom pregnant each time. i never noticed how much she did, but what kid notices those types of things. my mom was truly superwoman though! she never once looked weak in front of us kids. i hope to one day be as strong as her, be the true rock for our family. God has blessed me with so many blessings! this year has been the greatest of my life thus far! i married my best friend, went on the most amazing honeymoon and now am expecting the most amazing little boy!

being pregnant is the most amazing time ever! feeling him move is so wonderful! i love his little kicks, true love taps!

we just went for his third ultrasound on tuesday and he is getting so big!
u.s are so amazing now, we could even see his little face. he has the cutest lips and nose!
we cant wait to meet him!
luckily we get to see him one last time before he is born. december 13th, EM and i have to go for S's second echo-cardiogram. thankfully he is perfectly healthy, but for precautionary purposes we have to get him checked out; this allows us to spend a whole hour watching him while they make sure hes A O.K. a truly wonderful hour!

i think my next project is going to be to crochet him a baby blanket. have any of you done that before? any suggestions for patterns or good materials? id love to hear your feedback!

also, check out my little ones page and fun times for a new posts!


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hear Hear...A Special Announcement!

we returned from our honeymoon to hit real life quite quickly! our first order of business was visiting ikea to buy some furniture, we were moving from charlottesville to virginia beach! it was a move that would take quite a while for me to get used to.
i grew up in a beach town and just wasn't ready to move from my central va home back to the coast.

there was however one special weekend that my parents came to visit for the first time in july and we were able to share the most wonderful and unexpected news with them.

we were having a BABY!

we couldn't be more excited! it was not planned nor expected to have happened this early on but this is such a blessing and we are enjoying every minute of it! and in honor of our little peanut, i am starting a new page. look out for "little ones" coming soon!


I'm Back!

hello my loves! i can't believe it has been what seems like forever since my last post. life has been crazy! in the most amazing way possible. let's recap shall we...

i married my best friend! in what ended up being the most amazing wedding i could have ever have dreamed of! and what makes it even more special is that we were surrounded by the best friends and family.

for more pictures from our fabulous day, check out my wedding page! lot's more goodies over there!
we were truly blessed!

not long after, and before we were able to recoup, we jetted off to italy for the most wonderful honeymoon! EM got to meet my family and also see all my favorite places. he was such a trooper! i never imagined how much family time there in reality ended up being, but he was wonderful. he knew how much seeing them and his meeting them meant to me, so he just wore a big smile! 

we spent the first few days in florence! 
not long after landing! 

a nice surprise at the apartment my aunt and uncle prepared for us!

in centro!

then we left the busy city and went to the beach! forte dei marmi, is a place i will always hold so dear to my heart! it was surreal being able to share it with the love of my life. 

the vendors on the beach, they walk up and down the beach all day selling everything from purses to coconuts

our beach club!

it was such a perfect week! i can't wait until we are able to go back again and revisit all those special places! life has been full of wonderful moments and stay tuned for a very special announcement!

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