Our story is one that isn't found in any fairy-tales but one I love none the less. We met on our first year fall break in college. After years of on and off talking, we finally started dating in the spring of 2012, then that September we were ENGAGED! (look how long EM's hair was, like a weed!)


I couldn't and still at times cannot believe that I got to marry my best friend! We had been friends for so long, yet after only dating for 4 months we were engaged! It was such a whirlwind and the best time of our lives. EM was still in school and was graduating that May, so it was only natural to pack on the stress and get married that June!

....like these photos? we have great friends with amazing photography skills! Shout out to Courtney Timms of Courtney Timms Photography and Julia Thompson!


EM and I planned the whole thing, something we are incredibly proud of. We never want to plan another wedding ever again, but we are still very proud. We got to spend the day with our closest friends and family, all those we old so dear to our hearts. It was truly perfect!

So thankful that we got to have the BEST wedding photographers EVER! Husband and wife duo, Pat and Elizabeth Mahon, of Elizabeth Binette Photography


After an amazing honeymoon and a move to the beach we quickly found out that we were pregnant! With our first little peanut. We were so excited! After 9 very long months we were finally able to hold our little love! ...and boy, did we fall in love!

Sebastian Michael

Every day is an adventure! He truly is PERFECT! We love him so much!


Can't wait to update this in the future :)


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