Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Letter to My Baby

God is SO good! the closer and closer i get to meeting S the more emotional i become. if you had asked me a year or two ago where i would be now i would certainly never imagine that i would be where i am today...expecting my first baby. a perfect baby boy.
i cant even begin to describe the emotion i feel when i think about him. even now as he kicks my ribs :) i had always imagined that i would have a little girl first then a bunch of boys...but they say if you want to tell God a joke, tell Him your plans. how true. i could not be happier than i am this day knowing that soon i will get to meet my son. the amount of love i have for him already is indescribable. just the thought brings me to tears.
i cannot wait to hold his tiny body in my arms. though i will miss having him within me. something so incredibly special that any mom understands. i felt him move before anyone else could.


my sweet little boy. you are so dearly and purely loved. your daddy and i couldnt have asked for a greater blessing. he always tells you good night and kisses my belly, telling me how much he loves you and how he cant wait to meet you. you have taken a man who was afraid of not being ready to be a dad, to someone who cannot wait to hold you and that smiles at the thought of you. that is the greatest gift you could ever give him. because of you we have become an even stronger family. you are so small yet what you have already accomplished is so great.
we are close to a month away from your birth and we practice every night for that wonderful event. i know it will be one of the toughest days of my life, with the most amazing of outcomes. we get to bring you, our son into the world. i just pray that your daddy will be there, for it's something i truly dont want him to miss. he always tells me how great i will be, even if he cant be there...but i know it would kill him if he couldnt see you make your first appearance into this great big world.
we have loved you from the minute we knew you were in our lives and that is something that will never change! that love will only get deeper and deeper. you are so blessed to have such an amazing man as your daddy. he is already so protective of you, touching my belly ever so gently, never wanting to do anything that could remotely hurt you. the day we were able to see your little face was such a wonderful day! you were already so handsome! and your daddy had a grin from ear to ear seeing his little boy.
you are our heart. and we are so blessed to have you.

love you forever and always,

your mama

29 weeks our last echo-cardiogram 


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