Thursday, July 10, 2014

First Meal Plan


So I used my Home Base Binder (more info in my previous post) for meal planning, something that it is definitely not my forte but it sure was fun! Anytime I can color code things I'm a happy girl!! What do you think? I love how structured it all is! 
I tried to stick to main things I already had in the house. ie...chicken breast, LOTS of burger meat, pork, quinoa, rice and pasta (but what self respecting Italian doesn't always have a few boxes on hand) then I googled. I found this great blog called Damn Delicious and I found lots of goodies! She too tries to meal plan in a similar manner! I'm going to be trying her quinoa stuffed bell peppers and tonkatsu pork cutlets! The 19th will be EM's 25th birthday ...HURRAY...he requested homemade pizza and I am going to surprise him with a cake (already had the mix!). Now the next step is to see if I can manage to get all this within our budget...guess I shall have to learn to coupon! Any coupon queens out there?


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