Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Bit of Sweetness

so EM has been stressed at work and i havent known what to do to help him relax. it just seems like he is in a funk...but any high pressure job will do that to you. so in an attempt to put a smile on his face when he gets home i made some goodies for him to enjoy.

funfetti cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting

i love to cook but have never had the patience to bake, especially when it comes to the piping of the frosting. generally it turns into a gloopy mess that ends with my scrapping the whole project. a little dramatic now that i look back. so looking at these i am quite proud of myself. i want to start experimenting with more flavours...yes this was from a box (frosting excluded) but a non baker needs to start somewhere! these are my first non brick cupcakes, and thats an accomplishment!

i want to be the best mama possible for S and one thing i loved about my mother is that she could cook or bake anything! every birthday cake we ever had she made; once making a treasure chest shaped one (that opened!) that was filled with gold coins. i want S to be proud of his mama and have that memory when he grows up! 
since i am not the happy baker, as i have mentioned, i figured i should start now on the journey to cupcake mastery!

i will keep ya'll posted on my future baking endeavors.


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