Monday, January 6, 2014

Pregnancy Brain

i really have been horrible with updating new posts, and for that i am sorry!
the holidays add so much added stress that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

however it also brought a lot of blessings! EM and i were able to visit my family, something i was incredibly thankful for!

being Catholic, Christmas is such an important holiday and simply being surrounded by those you love makes it so special! we were blessed with so many great gifts for S! bassinet, stroller, car seat and crib all taken care of! we are so thankful! not to mention we were gifted an ergobaby carrier, something i cannot wait to use, as ive heard only amazing things about it!

on a non holiday related note....i am incredibly excited to announce that i have reached the third trimester! EM and i couldnt be more excited!

this week is going to be a big week, the final time we get to see S during his last echo-cardiogram. so far every appointment has shown a strong healthy heart which is such an incredible blessing! 
praise God!
i have been fortunate enough to have had (so far at least) a very easy pregnancy, no major morning sickness or the ever dreaded cankles...again now that i spoke of it, i am probably doomed. 

something i have started to notice, is that these past few days it has gotten substantially more difficult to sit up from a lying position. not so much because he weighs too much or anything but because it physically hurts to engage my "abs" or lack their of. 

so far it has been such a great adventure and cannot wait to see what these last few months have in store for us! 


p.s check out my little ones page to see bump pics!

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