Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling It

today was supposed to be the day of the ML gala but EM isn't feeling very good so turns out that is no longer in the cards for us. poor thing. so this snow day (now week due to the amount) has turned into a mini vaca. granted not the good kind.

the only downside to all the snow is the city not knowing what to do with it. none of the roads were plowed except the interstate, which makes getting to work for a lot of people just not plausible. so EM was able to enjoy his own version of not having school.
so here we are today relaxing and hoping EM feels better.

now for a pregnancy update:

ill be 32 weeks this sunday and im finally starting to feel this pregnancy. the indigestion has become something i am not all too fond of, not to mention other side effects that are far from pleasant. and sleeping has clearly become an optional activity.

ive realized that your third trimester, at least for me, is by far the worst. i feel exactly the way i did during my first, super tired, except this time it's a lot harder to move. the most amazing silver lining is that S will be here soon! we cant wait to hold him and kiss those amazing cheeks.

we are slowly getting everything ready for his arrival. EM (with my sad excuse for help) put the crib and bassinet together. we were hoping our cat wouldn't find them to be the greatest toys ever, but we were wrong.

i tried to get a picture of him sleeping but he has a killer sense of hearing. not only did rugby have to use the bassinet as his new cat cave, but he had to use the blanket im crocheting for S as his new pillow. i don't believe any of the myths about cats harming babies, but unfortunately he will be booted from our room so he doesnt think he can cosleep with the baby. not too sure how he will take that. he is truly like our first child, snuggles up with us every night, so this may not be the easiest process.

i cant believe tomorrow is february already. not only is it the time frame we gave ourselves to train rugby to sleep without us but it means the beginning of what i call, baby shower month! next friday a dear friend of mine, due around the same time i am with her first little boy as well, is having her baby shower! i am so excited to shower this amazing mama with so much love for her and her baby!


two weeks after her shower it's my shower! and then it's practically march! i can't believe the big day is almost here! im praying that S doesn't decide to arrive when EM is away for work. EM is supposed to be out of town the first week of march and if S is anything like his mother (also a first born) he could be 3 weeks early...which would be that week.

i don't know what i would do without EM by my side. all my family is out of town and he is the only person aside from my own mother that i would want there. i guess this is one of those moments where you simply need to put your faith in God and let Him take care of it. He hasn't let me down yet, so i have no need to fret.

although it doesn't hurt to pray a little more.


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