Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crochet Away

so these past few days have been quite a doozy! with being extremely tired and starting to really feel the physical effects of pregnancy. i easily have more nausea now than i ever had these past 32 almost 33 weeks. back pains and stomach pains are a new part of the repertoire but that means hes growing and getting bigger. closer and closer to when we get to meet him! all in all though things have been great! he is on the constant move, doing flips as we speak.

this past sunday i hit 32 weeks (check out little ones to see a belly update) and it was superbowl sunday! we made quite a feast! even made blue and orange cupcakes, clearly EM and i cheered on the bronocs...even though we ended up being more than a little disappointed.

blue cupcakes with orange buttercream

i ended up with a little more than anticipated...3 trays of mini cupcakes. though they didnt last long. oops. 

today, aside from recovering from the massive sugar rush, i have been spending my time crocheting and attempting to finish the baby blanket im making for S. still have a ways to go before i can add the border, but i will definitely post a picture when it is completed. assuming that day ever arrives. 

now break over and back to the blankie!


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