Monday, February 24, 2014

Polish Dinner for Two

this past week i made what was quite the scrumptious dinner for EM and i. i really didnt have a plan except for i knew what ingredients i had to work with. 


polish kielbasa, organic kale, potatoes and onions.  

when i cook i rarely measure anything so forgive me for not having exact increments. i started by pealing about 3 potatoes (again change the amount depending on how many people youre cooking for) and placing them in a pot of water to boil. 

it is important to salt the water, you want to flavor your potatoes and allow them to boil until they can be easily split by a fork. then drain and set aside. 

i started by cutting half of a white onion and sauteing them in olive oil until close to translucency. 

while you are waiting for the onion to achieve that level you want to cut up your kielbasa.

once your onions look like this... 

go ahead and add the kielbasa to the mix allowing them to brown. 

you will notice the brown yummy bits start to produce at the bottom of the pan. to deglaze the the pan i used some white wine vinegar. itll lift all the goodies right up. 

after all the flavor has been added from the bottom of the pan go ahead and add in the kale. i used the whole package since it does reduce down quite a bit! 

once the kale has reduced down, add salt and pepper to taste. now go ahead and add the potatoes that you had set aside. 

mix and lower the temp. since everything is now fully cooked. during this time i went ahead and made an improv dressing. 

dijon mustard, regular yellow mustard, and balsamic vinegar. whisk until combined, and then slowly drizzle olive oil into the mix until emulsified. and some lemon juice, until you have achieved the result you are going for. add a dash of sugar and salt to taste. 

combine the dish with the dressing and get ready to eat! it really was an incredibly easy and scrumptious meal. EM really enjoyed it, when he is normally hesitant to my random kitchen creations. this was a perfectly warm and cozy dish for any relaxing night at home. 


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