Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diving Head First

exciting moment today. i (well EM) bought me my first one piece bathing suit since i was 12. mind blowing!
EM is an amazing swimmer, which is totally attractive, but he has been asking for me to start swimming with him. 
now i can swim. i grew up in florida. what child raised in florida doesn't know how to swim? though unlike him i cant swim like a fish. he is so great and i love watching him swim, it truly makes me happy to watch him do something he so greatly enjoys.

so partially because i  need a workout that doesn't involve severe impact on my knee, but mostly because i want to do something with EM that makes him happy, i have decided to take the plunge (no pun intended).

im excited to go for our first swim. we shall see how it goes!

on a wedding note! today i will finish addressing all of our invitations! through many many maaany font trials, i have picked one and have given it a little added flair. once they are all done i will show you :) 

less than 2 months! 


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