Sunday, April 21, 2013


i love date nights. it's funny i was never the type of girl that really enjoyed the whole concept of dating or going on dates, but i must say i love going on dates with EM.
he makes me smile with everything he says and does. like tonight, we went to Fry's Spring Station and two tables down from us there was a couple with their baby. at one point i just caught him staring and smiling. that made me fall more in love with him.

prosciutto and arugula pizza with a great glass of pinot grigio
now EM and i are working on our pre-cana online course. though we vary in our religious beliefs i truly hope that this will help us grow even closer together.
have any of you married someone of a different faith or someone who doesn't have a religious belief? how did it work out? 

i know by the grace of God and Mama Mary all will be well. i simply need to learn to trust God's plan for my life and now that if i place my hopes, fears and doubts in His hands, what is supposed to be will be.


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