Saturday, April 13, 2013


i say this often, yet only because it is very true, but i am so incredibly blessed to have a man by my side that loves me for who i am, and supports me in all that i do. i have never had someone who is so willing to make sacrifices for me, for us and for our future.

having this insight, which is one that you can really only truly obtain when in a similar situation, i have come to see how important it is to be treated like a princess.

not a princess in a spoiled, get everything you want way. rather in the way that every girl deserves her very own prince charming. now people have a very specific mental picture when they imagine, a princess and prince charming.

they think, that she is the aforementioned spoiled brat, and then prince charming is a giant wimp who is only useful for his good looks.

well they are all wrong! every girl is a princess. we are all the daughters of the Lord and King above, which makes us princesses. and in being the daughters of the Almighty, we are entitled to being treated as such. we deserve every ounce of respect, honour and dignity known to man.

in the same way that we are all princesses, all men are princes. a prince defends and stands up for what is just. he comes to the rescue of those who are unable to rescue themselves.

we as women often time forget how we are supposed to be treated. we tell ourselves that we cannot find any better, or that it is somehow our fault that people don't show us the respect we deserve.
too many times we put up with attitudes that do not reflect the sense of dignity deserved.

women have fought so hard to be considered equals, yet women will allow themselves to live by double standards.

we forget how precious of a gift each one of us are to the world and to each other. this is why i thank God everyday that i found my prince charming.


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