Monday, April 8, 2013

so in love

i have the most amazing fiance!

that being said, i have been wanting this simple diamond band to stack with my wedding band and engagement ring; but as things have it with EM being in school and both of us saving for this wedding, it was a gift i was not expecting anytime soon.

the other night was our 11 month anniversary. and i'm sure you are all thinking, you've only been together for 11 months?! (we have been friends for 5 years...not thaaaat crazy)

but hey, what can i say, when you know you know.

so we are out for dinner at my favorite place, where else but Bang! (funny enough a bachelorette party was next to us) and we are having the most amazing time! the food is always phenomenal, but so was the conversation. just spending time with EM makes me so purely and blissfully happy.

he was saying how bad he felt that he couldn't get me anything for our anniversary, but i wouldn't have even expected anything, i was perfectly happy with the fact that we were able to have a date night.

we leave dinner and head to his apartment, where we start watching our new addiction, Nikita, when he tells me to close my eyes. soon after he tells me to open them. i look down and there it is. on my knee there is a little red box.

at first i simply picked up the box and didn't open it. i was so stunned and surprised that there was something to begin with. i open the box, and there it is. the ring i wanted. so perfectly thin (just how i wanted it) and shiny!

he wanted to wait until our 1 year anniversary next month, but even he couldn't wait to give it to me.

i still can't believe he did what he did! i am so truly blessed! and am so incredibly thankful to have this man in my life!

so that was saturday; sunday morning we went to mass at the church where we are getting married! it was beautiful and EM loved it! which i'm so happy about! it was such a nice day out! the first warm day in quite some time! 

on our way home EM suggested we go wine tasting. smart boy! so we spent the afternoon at one of my favorite vineyards, Blenheim. had a great wine tasting followed by an amazing glass of chardonnay with some yummy snacks.

this weekend was so relaxing and simply perfect! honestly wished it would never end!

Xo  Martina

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