Friday, November 22, 2013


ive read other blogs and articles about how much there is to get done before baby arrives and how much you need to prepare, but did i believe it.


i grew up with four brothers, all younger, so i experienced my mom pregnant each time. i never noticed how much she did, but what kid notices those types of things. my mom was truly superwoman though! she never once looked weak in front of us kids. i hope to one day be as strong as her, be the true rock for our family. God has blessed me with so many blessings! this year has been the greatest of my life thus far! i married my best friend, went on the most amazing honeymoon and now am expecting the most amazing little boy!

being pregnant is the most amazing time ever! feeling him move is so wonderful! i love his little kicks, true love taps!

we just went for his third ultrasound on tuesday and he is getting so big!
u.s are so amazing now, we could even see his little face. he has the cutest lips and nose!
we cant wait to meet him!
luckily we get to see him one last time before he is born. december 13th, EM and i have to go for S's second echo-cardiogram. thankfully he is perfectly healthy, but for precautionary purposes we have to get him checked out; this allows us to spend a whole hour watching him while they make sure hes A O.K. a truly wonderful hour!

i think my next project is going to be to crochet him a baby blanket. have any of you done that before? any suggestions for patterns or good materials? id love to hear your feedback!

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