Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hear Hear...A Special Announcement!

we returned from our honeymoon to hit real life quite quickly! our first order of business was visiting ikea to buy some furniture, we were moving from charlottesville to virginia beach! it was a move that would take quite a while for me to get used to.
i grew up in a beach town and just wasn't ready to move from my central va home back to the coast.

there was however one special weekend that my parents came to visit for the first time in july and we were able to share the most wonderful and unexpected news with them.

we were having a BABY!

we couldn't be more excited! it was not planned nor expected to have happened this early on but this is such a blessing and we are enjoying every minute of it! and in honor of our little peanut, i am starting a new page. look out for "little ones" coming soon!


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