Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meal Planning

I must admit I have been very bad at staying accountable and posting regularly! Sorry ya'll! S is truly amazing yet has been incredibly clingy recently and getting used to juggling all my mommy duties has not been the easiest. I hope to have finally mastered it...ha! Well at least I got the gist down so I can manage to do more than one thing at a time. Mothers should all be renamed...we are all officially master jugglers!

Recently S has discovered his insane strength (though he has always possessed it) and has refused to sit in his swing for more than just a any moms have some advice on keeping the babe occupied while trying to clean? Suggestions welcome! I cannot seem to get anything done...the few minutes he remains in his swing I take advantage and know survival and all. As I type this he has decided it is a good idea to steal my right hand and suck/chomp on my thumb...never his own. How convenient for him!

So something I have wanted to start and have mentioned in the past is simplifying our lives. I have been known to be far less than organized and it is time for a change! Well due to a very generous friend (M) I am now the new owner of the Emily Ley Home Base Binder ! I am so excited for this! Not to mention the Simplified Journal which was also a gift! This has it all! Sections like...Family, Contacts (to simply paste business cards in! how GENIUS!) projects, MEAL PLANNING, Finances and Heart. It really has everything a mama would need to help her family stay organized! With Gorgeous colors and tabs! Head on over to Emily's site...linked above and check it out!

Thanks to this little beauty I am attempting to meal plan. Something I have never been very good at. EM really would love for me to a little more structured, and honestly I completely agree! It's is a skill I have always wanted yet have never attained. So here we go...meal planning!

Any words of advice before I dive in?


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