Saturday, December 27, 2014


With every new year I try...attempt...and usually fail, to stick to my resolutions. But not this year! This year I'm going to take that resolution by the horns and run with it! 
I've decided it's time for a change! A new me! A new and improved super mommy! 

Well....maybe not all that but at least one that has her stuff together... at least most of the time.
I want to be more organized and I want to make a greater effort at making more mommy friends!

Ladies I know you agree and understand, making mommy friends is about as hard as finding a husband! Actually I think finding EM was easier!

It's like dating all over again...and I hated dating. That's why I'm so good at being married..HA!

Regardless, the goal is to be more organized, get more involved and revamp the blog.  Become a real, full fledged mommy blogger! 

And step one....switching to Wordpress!

I'll post the link to my new page when it's up and running...keep an eye on the horizon ladies and gents!

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