Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday Picnic

This past week I injured my back trying to work out and trying to get back into pre-pregnancy shape. Down 34lbs already...woo hoo!

I decided to take this weekend off and simply relax and enjoy some family time. Sunday EM and I planned for a picnic at this great state park that is not far from where we live. So we headed to whole foods to pick up some yummies...every picnic needs tiramisu! 

I had never been to this park before, though EM was CONVINCED that he had brought me once before...I would love to know which past girlfriend he is really thinking of...hmm...

Well I didnt really know what to except and it really blew me away. We discovered this cute little beach that I think we will start taking S to this summer. The water is calmer than at the ocean front and it seems like a quaint little spot for our family to enjoy the sun.

I am slowly starting to look forward to this summer and living at the beach, something that hasnt happened since we moved her after getting married. I guess every location has its ups and downs...I'm just now seeing the ups. :)


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