Thursday, March 28, 2013


so the goal tonight was to work from home. except to do that i must bring my phone home. and turns out. i didn't. major humph!

this weekend is going to be great however! tomorrow is Good Friday! praise the Lord!

then saturday, i am going to my first dress fitting! super excited! then after my mamma and i are going to see the space, so we can get some good decorating ideas.

my theme is white decorations. and im blessed to have amazing coworkers! one has 12 bushes of white hydrangeas which she said i can have! so excited!! keeping it all simple and elegant, a good blend of southern and chic!

then saturday evening, EM and i are going to the Easter vigil mass! our first Easter together! so excited and blessed to be able to spend such an amazing day with the man of my dreams!
God is so good!
and sunday we are having brunch with my family and then ever loved Easter dinner. welcome to an italian Easter EM!

Xo  Martina

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