Thursday, March 21, 2013

hopping into spring

so yesterday was the first day of spring, and i don't know about you all but it has been very cold! i personally am ready for some jack rogers and sun hats!

in homage to the coming warmth and all the many amazing events that are soon to take place, i wanted to pay a little tribute to spring! 

orange nail polish. 

ok, it isn't a sonnet or some great shakespearean masterpiece, however in its own little right, a girl changing her nail polish sets quite a mood. 

i'm saying...spring i am ready for you! come find me!

this spring is going to be the best spring yet! and foxfield will mark the beginning of a great season! soon to be followed by my bridal shower and bachelorette party in may! (yay!) then the morning after my bachelorette party, my love...EM...graduates from UVA! it is amazing how proud i am of him, for all the hard work he does to achieve his goals! i am truly blessed to be called his fiancee!

orange, it's obvious essie! (ring needs a little cleaning...oops)
banana republic carina pointed-toe flat
the only thing lacking for this graduation, is an appropriate dress. i think i have the right shoes though!
what do you think?
navy striped carina flats, and hey, maybe even some orange nail polish!

white dress?...i'm thinking yes! seems to be a white dress kind of year!

Xo  Martina

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