Wednesday, March 20, 2013


today has been quite the day!

my dear friend was in a car accident. fortunately she is fine! like she said 'her guardian angels were working on overhaul!'

it's situations like this that really make you realize how many blessings we have and take for granted. the ability to simply smile at a good friend each day is something that i am sure most of us don't even think about...but what if we couldn't do that anymore?

not trying to preach or make anyone feel bad about themselves, quite the contrary. i know when we are super busy with our own lives we often forget how blessed we are; we simply focus on the negative things. not to mention how easy it is to get so caught up in our daily routine and daily worries that we allow ourselves to forget to notice the small things. i for one, know i am incredibly guilty of that! but what if all those blessings were gone?

if you are grateful for someone in your life, let them know! sometimes we assume that they know how much they mean to us by our actions but i've come to  realize that sometimes that isn't enough. i know i am very thankful for my friend and will make sure she knows how grateful i am to have her in my life. God truly does put people into our lives for a reason, whether we know what that reason may be or not.

at the third day concert!

and on a lighter note: OUR WEDDING STATIONARY AND INVITATIONS HAVE BEEN ORDERED!!! Thank you Rock Paper Scissors

Xo  Martina

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