Wednesday, March 27, 2013

not so private

so my dear friend M told me about this website, maybe you have heard of i had never heard anything about it.
maybe i'm behind the times. but it turns out that you can search for anyone and find them pretty quickly. type in a name, state, city, and boom! you see their address (with areal view), all known family members, and you can pay to get phone numbers, email...the works.

now i am all about social media, but this is beyond invasive! i understand that (and spokeo even states) that they are not the original source of said information (maybe even more worrisome) but that you can easily delete your information.

now i realized they not only had my current information but all my previous addresses. so i am currently on a deleting mission.

simply scroll to the bottom of the page and hit privacy...scroll again and hit opt out. follow the super easy steps...and poof it's gone.

Xo  Martina

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