Sunday, March 24, 2013

what a weekend

this weekend has been full of great memories! one of my little brothers just turned 21!

it's crazy to think that he is already that old, as i feel i was just there myself! EM and i hosted him and three of his friends at EM's apartment for some birthday festivities prior to hitting the bars. it was a lot of fun!

now the weekend is over and the work week is staring at me in the face. it snowed quite a lot today, which is disappointing for the sole fact that i am ready for spring!
i must admit though that this town truly is beautiful when it snows.

in fact word is the city schools already closed for tomorrow. how i miss being in high school (for that reason...and that reason only). a snow day would be real nice.

i on the other hand am taking a break from working while EM naps next to me. how i love working while he just sleeps (in a non creepy twilight way).

as fun as this weekend has been, i have been horrible at sticking to my diet! i really have to hit the gym hard this week. i've done so well and have lost 6 lbs already, i don't want to allow a weekend like this to just make me gain them all back.

that would be disappointing.

just have to keep calm and work out!

Xo  Martina

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