Wednesday, May 7, 2014

God's Love

it is amazing how God works through each and every one of us and in truly mysterious ways.
recently I joined a facebook group for catholic mamas and it has been such a blessing. not being from this town and not having had any real opportunity to make friends, it has been hard for me this past year. having found this group of strong faith filled women, in whom I find so much in common, has helped me tremendously. having found sisters in Christ that I can talk to and ask for advice or simply vent my stresses to, has become the greatest gift. 
though they are scattered all over, this group of women has already helped me in such a great way. 
through prayer. 

prayer is such a great tool. one that will help you get through whatever difficulties and challenges your life throws at you. 

no it is not a magic wand, and often times your prayers are not answered, yet the peace you receive from the praying act can often times be enough to help. 

currently I have felt that peace to be ever so present. I have been praying for quite some time for a special intention. EM has been very stressed and through prayer, though the situation is not fully remedied, I have seen a positive change. God is good and never wants to see His children stumble. even if you have to learn to crawl before you can run. 

life truly is a roller coaster. whether a scary one with a lot of loops or a gradual one with many ups and downs, it is a ride to enjoy. the loops and downs are not always the greatest but they make us who we are. and though we are currently in a loop I'm loving the good times from within. 


on a side note: we are still camping out in the living room. the workers should be coming back today, and hopefully EM will be able to be here when they arrive. a bunch of strange men walking around (though they seemed nice), while I try to take care of S makes me a bit anxious. 

like our set up? I think S was looking at angels. he always starts to smile when he looks up at the skylights. :) mama's sweet sweet boy.


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