Friday, May 16, 2014

Keilbasa Dinner

A few weeks ago, I was in need of a recipe and a mom in the moms Facebook group I'm in suggested one that was super easy and super yummy! It has very few ingredients.

1. Butter
2. Hillshire farm smoked kielbasa 
3. Green cabbage (the waxy kind)
4. Canned tomatoes. 

Salt and pepper

I cut up the kielbasa into coin sized rounds then place them into a heated skillet. No oil no butter. Just let them brown. Move them around occasionally so they don't burn. 

In another (bigger) pan, I melt 2-3 tbs of butter. The butter amount all depends on how much cabbage you use, you can always add more butter. Use as much cabbage as you see fit. Enough to feed your family, cut it into thin (not too thin) strips. I let it sweat until it is translucentish. 

Once the kielbasa is ready I simply poor it all ontop of the cabbage, grease and all. 

Then open a can of diced tomatoes and poor it all into the pan and mix it all together. 

Salt, pepper, allow the tomato juice to simmer and reduce down a bit. 

Serve and enjoy!

Even EM who has a pickier pallet than I enjoys this dish. He actually buys the ingredients himself so I can make it. Heck he even gets seconds and thirds. Not to mention, this is a super quick dish to throw's perfect for a quick fix!

So give it a try and let me know what you think!



  1. I saw this dish and tried it the other night. It was great and so easy to make. We added some mushrooms when I cooked the kielbasa and it was a nice addition to the dish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That sounds so yummy! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, it is definitely one of our quick meal go-to's. In fact EM always comes home with an "i bought cabbage honey" lol


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