Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Simplify My Life

I am so beyond excited that Emily Ley has unveiled the NEW Simplified Planners!

How AMAZING are these?! I have been trying for years to better organize my life, and now that I'm not only a wife but a mama, I have to get things in order. I am blessed enough to be able to stay home with my little love, but that doesn't mean I get to sit around and eat bonbons... although a bonbon does sound really good right now! yum!
The only way a creative (doesn't that sound better than unorganized) person like myself can do it all without losing my mind is to simplify it all! Emily Ley's new planners, and soon to come, Home Base Binder will do JUST that!
I have already made my "I need this before Christmas, Christmas List" for EM to enjoy :) Luckily he is a bit type A when it comes to organization so I have that in my favor. Check out her blog (I linked it above) for the release date and for many more great finds!

On a not so wonderful note, today I am slammed with laundry to fold, as we just went to storage and brought out all the summer and pre-pregnancy clothes, which will be interesting to go through, as I probably don't fit into the majority of things.
EM and I have started going back to the gym, now that S can stay in the daycare they provide. I don't know why it is so hard for me to get back into the groove of working out though. I love the gym! I love getting into shape and feeling good about my body, yet when it has been a while, I am VERY good about making an excuse as to why we should go ... tomorrow. Why is procrastination so easy? Or is it more a sense of laziness...that is a horrible thing!


Mastering the laundry monster

Maybe I should add, "completing the lists I make"...Well off to laundry land.


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